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Get ready ladies to don some ruffles, polka dots and colourful leather ensembles in 2020.
These trends are big, bold and statement-making. 2020 is leaving absolutely no one in the shadows.
Marigold Mania
Not quite mustard, not quite gold—marigold is a colour in between that you’ll see plenty of in 2020.

Polka Dots
…..not just for kiddies. Fun, elegant on trend.

Suit up
The high streets will be filled to the brim with suits, suits and more suits.

Fringe, Fringe & More Fringe
Expect a major fringe trend from all your favourite brands in the coming season.

Bright (Very Bright) Green
We all know neon has been (and will continue to be) very trendy,
but pay special attention to this bright green hue. It’s sure to make a
major splash in 2020. If it's to bright then try accessorising.

Ruffles Galore
Bring back those ’80s bridesmaid dress vibes, baby. Ruffles are sure
to pop up in many 2020 collections.

Colorful Leather Looks
Not only is 2020 the year of the leather (and faux leather, of course!!),
but it’s the year of the colorful and punchy leather look. Now’s the time
to grab a bright leather jacket, folks.

Shine Bright
All kinds of metallics and shiny fabrics graced the Spring/Summer 2020
runways, so you’re sure to see a lot of this trend in the new year.

The Coat Dress
I love a reason to not have to think about getting dressed, and the coat
dress is the ultimate in lazy-girl fashion. This style was all going to be BIG!

Caught in Your Net

Netting was everywhere at Paris Fashion Week. And it’s all very
The Little Mermaid meets high fashion. Expect to see plenty of
netting details from your favourite designers in 2020.

Keep It Neutral
When in doubt, keep it neutral. The Spring/Summer 2020
high streets will be filled with effortlessly chic neutral looks
you’re sure to love in the new year.

Bralette Babe
If you need another reason to ditch the underwire bra and grab a
comfy bralette, here it is. Bralettes as tops are about to make a
major splash in 2020.